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About Us

Living spaces where functional and aesthetic values ​​are at the forefront

Oğuzhan Ozan, our chairman of the board of directors, started our company in the tulle curtain sector in 2005, and before he worked in many brands as a manager in the units of textile production departments (R&D, design, planning, quality control and sales and marketing), he was a pioneer in the product and quality details of our company. and allowed it to be decisive.

In 2010, it started production by using up-to-date technologies with its young, dynamic and professional team. Currently, it contributes to the country’s economy by exporting to a total of 18 countries, including Germany, Portugal, Czechia, Spain, Belgium, Canada, Kuwait, Qatar and Russia. It provides cutting service to 500 points in the country.

MAKSAD TEKSTİL offers color chart dealerships in Turkey and abroad.

Our dealerships serve under 2 brand names, MAKSAD and MAJESLIN, with selected unique patterns.

It has adopted the principle of providing the highest quality products and the highest quality service with its qualified personnel.

Our brands and products are protected by design registration in Turkey and in the international market.

MAKSAD TEKSTİL brings its R&D studies to the fore with innovations every day in order to be a guiding and determining factor in the sector.

It has succeeded in getting the appreciation and appreciation of our people by promoting our wall fabric product, which is the first and only in our country and all rights (including the invention patent) belong to MAKSAD TEKSTIL.

Maksad Tekstil

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